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From City Slickers to Farmers

After living in "the city" of Olathe for nearly fifteen years, our family decided to move onto 50 acres of land in rural Ottawa - and we've never looked back! We've been blessed with an amazing ranch and amazing animals that have given us precious memories and countless hours of joy, and we want to share that joy with you!



Our Ranch offers us infinite enjoyment! Nothing compares to the excitement of finding a new egg in the nesting box, the delight when a herd of goats comes running to greet you, or the charm of tiny puppies wriggling with pent-up energy as you pet them. We get so much joy from our Ranch - and we want to share it with you!

Whether you're searching for farm-fresh eggs to satisfy your taste buds, goats to play with, an LGD to increase your peace of mind, or simply a fun family experience, Home & Hope is the place for you! Even if you don't want to purchase anything, we'd love to introduce you to our Ranch; you might leave without animals, but you won't leave without great memories! 


We can't wait to meet you!



Taking good care of our animals is our top priority. Our puppies, goats, and chickens only consume the highest quality of food. We also ensure that all of our animals have a safe and dry place to sleep, as well as shade in the summer, warmth in the winter, and plenty of space to roam. And, most importantly, our animals are very well-loved! We spend much of our free time in the animal pens, and all of our animals are very comfortable with humans.

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