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We offer free pick-up for any product ordered online. Simply schedule a time for pick-up through email, text, or the form located under "Say Hello." You're also welcome to schedule a visit using the same methods if you'd like to see the animals before purchasing and/or make your purchase in-person. Payment methods for in-person purchases include cash, check, Venmo, and PAYPAL.

If you're picking up a puppy, you will receive a blanket and collar, but will be responsible for providing a leash if you feel that it's necessary. If you're picking up eggs, they will be securely packaged in traditional cartons.



We offer delivery to residents of Ottawa, Olathe, and Pomona for a delivery fee of $1. Eggs will be delivered Monday and Wednesday. Dates/times can be coordinated through email, text, or the form under "Say Hello."


We offer delivery for a slight upcharge on an individual basis. Please reach out through email, text, or the form under "Say Hello."

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